Siesta Key Gets New Route To Ease Traffic

For those who want to visit Siesta Key without the trouble and stress of going through the choked streets and parking lots, this is good news. From Saturday, a new bus route linking Westfield Southgate mall all the way to Turtle Beach.

Called Route 10, the approval for this new link came on Tuesday from the commissioners in charge of the Sarasota County. The new route will increase the service to the southern flank of the ever-busy key. The line is scheduled to operate approximately every hour from 9:12 am to 10:07 pm. As of now, Siesta Key is supplied by Route 11, which will now be linked to Route 10. The limitations for the old route and regular complaints are that the buses are always overcrowded and they do not go beyond Stickney Point Road. With the opening of Route 11, passengers will be able to go even further down south.

There will now be stops at Siesta Beach, and also at the clusters of shops, restaurants and bars that line up Siesta Key Village. The stops will be every 20 to 25 minutes. This is a step in the right direction because many of the visitors who stay on Siesta Key do not rely on car hire but depend on the local transport system. That explains why many of the locals and residents are quite excited about the new development.