For 10 years I’ve been a voracious personal trainer and I’ve been writing a blog about why it is worth changing your life into a more active one and how important daily activity is. In this way I help other people to understand why sport is important in our daily life and I motivate them to train. I regularly try to post new ideas on my blog on how to diversify daily exercises, healthy recipes and also general healthy life on a daily basis. However, I realize that quitting recent eating habits and changing your lifestyle is hard in the beginning, especially for people who decided to change everything, but have low motivation to act. I also touch upon the issue of self-discipline and motivation on my blog. As a fitness model and personal trainer I wish to share my passion to healthy lifestyle and constantly motivate others to implement changes in their life, that will definitely be beneficial. When I was starting my adventure with fitness branch – I also had problems with motivating myself to daily physical activity. However, the more I trained, the better I understood that it was becoming my habit. Today I can’t imaging quitting physical activity and feel much better. I want people to know how important physical activity is and I would like to make them aware how to eat well. For this reason I decided to start a blog, where I post interesting recipes, tell you how to diversify a daily diet and take care about yourself in order to feel better in your own skin.