Since I started running and practicing other sports disciplines I have not been able to imagine laziness and I haven’t looked for excuses. Hard work on my own silhouette, large motivation to daily trainings as well as conscious supplementation let me achieve a lot of success. However, I am of the opinion that the appetite grows with eating and I try to take part from time to time in various sports initiatives that allow me to test my abilities. My largest success was a medal in the run of 15 kilometers, to which I had been preparing for a few months. Moreover, I also took part in many fitness workshops, thanks to which I may say that they developed my knowledge. I met there many other trainers, expanded the scope of my knowledge about training, fitness, healthy eating and supplementation. One of my greatest achievements was winning a prize in a prestigious fitness contest. Thanks to this I knew that I couldn’t miss any training session if I wanted to develop.

I also know that amino acids facilitate exercises and at the same time provide the organism with many essential mineral ingredients and nutrients. In the course of my education and fitness practice I have been expanding my knowledge about supplements and I know well which are suitable for beginner sportsmen and which should be chosen by more advanced athletes. When choosing them, I pay attention to the effect of active ingredients and compare the supplements’ compositions and also how the ingredients influence one another.