I am an experienced personal trainer and I help others to achieve the effects of their dreams. I try to give some tips on how to perform a particular exercise to make it effective and pleasant. Daily training should be treated as pleasure and not duty. I know many people who started excessively intensive trainings and their training plans were not entirely thought over. I help such people understand how important proper harmony between effective physical training and time to rest is. Only thanks to this, our organism is able to do its best, which is related to the effects and satisfying physical exercises. Moreover, I help beginners in choosing the best supplementation, advise on how to train effectively and during the training I steadily observe the correctness of the performed exercises.

My offer of individual training plans and services related to personal trainings is primarily addressed to beginners, who don’t know how to start their training and need a mentor. If you want to change your eating habits and thinking about exercises and diet – contact me or join my classes. During the first training I will show you how to perform particular exercises and which supplements you may use at the beginning of your adventure with sport. I will also tell you, what to pay attention to when choosing them. I will explain how amino acids BCAA are different from other supplements and why creatine is the best at the beginning.