On my blog I touch upon the problems related to daily motivation to exercise and I give some tips on where to take it from to make training a pleasant and healthy habit and not an obligation. I share interesting stories from the fitness branch and at the same time I advise how to eat properly to have more energy. I also help to get to know the fitness world and prepare articles that answer the questions of my readers. The inspiration to write a blog is my passion to fitness, healthy lifestyle and running. I try to develop these passions as much as possible, but also share valuable advice with others. I believe that many people will be convinced to live healthier and choose meals with higher consciousness.


Moreover, I try to advise my clients on what to pay attention to when choosing supplements and I show them the differences between various products that I use myself. I share helpful information about healthy eating and how to cook and diversify daily trainings not to make them a boring duty. Additionally, I share my practical knowledge, help in solving sports doubts and at the same time I try to respond to the problems of my readers. Almost every day I notice that the biggest problem is motivation to exercise and the choice of proper supplements, such as creatine, amino acids BCAA or training boosters. I want to explain to such people what to pay attention to when choosing supplements at the beginning of training and why it is worth using the simples ones first.