When I started training every day I realized how much had changed in my life. I share these emotions and observations on my blog, calling for leading a healthy lifestyle every day, as it is very simple. However, I do realize that not everyone is able to motivate and change his or her way of thinking about healthy eating overnight. I want to make my clients realize how important conscious diet and intensive training with proper breaks for rest are. On my blog I also try to share healthy recipes, the preparation of which does not take long.

My passion is helping others to choose the best supplements for beginner sportsmen and also regular physical activity. When I started training – I couldn’t stop. I want to share my discoveries regarding fitness and also infect the participates of my classes with this activity. During these classes I check the way they exercise and at the same time I want to draw their attention to the most important issues, such as: proper exercise technique, supplementation, cooking, rest and also varied training plan. I give away the details of my sports life and help to face reluctance to regular trainings. I provide my clients with a motivation boost and constantly inform them why it is important to sometimes take a break from training. I try to share my practical knowledge.