What I like most in daily trainings is testing my abilities and the feeling that my organism can do more. The more I train – the higher my physical abilities are. I would like my clients to increase these abilities during personal trainings and fall in love with fitness. Thanks to regular trainings I know what I can allow myself to do and I feel much better on a daily basis. I can’t imagine a day without a good training, which provides me with a lot of energy to act. Fitness is also the knowledge of various exercises, thanks to which I will never get bored with my trainings. During group classes I motivate my clients to work on themselves and show them how to diversify a simple training to make it engage all muscle parts.

A key issue is primarily proper attitude to performing exercises and knowledge about proper meals, which we should prepare to eat well. Contrary to appearances, a properly balanced diet is especially important to our health and has an influence on the final effects we achieve. Training regularity is also important as well as its intensity and additional supplementation, which increases the organism’s abilities. Protein supplements are very beneficial to beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. The knowledge of their application and the kinds of different supplements make the choice much simpler. Thanks to them, the organism gains more energy to act and higher motivation to regular physical activity.